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Hello and Welcome to my Blog.

This is where I post my recent work which of course could be wedding photographs or portraits but also anything else that catches my eye.

That could be anything from a fantastic cake baked by my wife Katie, a landscape photograph or a close-up of a flower.

Please check back often to see new updates

Rachel & Scott at Tynemoth

We photographed the wedding of Rachel & Scott at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth a few weeks ago. The Grand Hotel is very nice and smart but the main eye catching feature is their superb staircase. The staircase is large and grand and goes right to the top of the hotel. We also managed to get down on the beach for some photos and even managed to get Rachel and Scott both wet when a rogue wave came in behind them. I was horrified and ran to help (missing a great photo to) but all was OK and Rachel and Scott both saw the funny side.





Steam Punk Wedding

We had great fun photographing the wedding of Laura & Dan who had a very unique and unusual steam-Punk wedding (Laura's Dress and her cake were amazing) Here are a couple of photos from the day and more to follow



Beach Wedding

We were through at the The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth to photograph the wedding of Rachel & Scott on Friday. Rachel & Scott were great fun and nothing fazed them .... not even the rogue wave on the beach - Opps !!!

One photo from the day with more to follow


Choosing Your Wedding Rings

The wedding ring has a long history and is believed to have started way back in history with the Egyptians or some say the Romans. But the ring is worn on the left hand ring finger as that finger is supposed to have a “Vein of love” or Vena Amoris connected directly to the heart.


There are a lot of styles of wedding rings with some being plain gold or white gold and others more elaborate with precious stones or engravings and messages.

Yellow gold rings which are the more traditional are a good classic choice but opt for the lower carot gold (18, 14 or 9) as the 22 carot will be softer and more likely to get damaged with daily wear. Also bear this in mind with rings set with precious stones. They are of course stunning but loosing a diamond or other precious stone from your wedding ring will be devastating.

The thing to remember is you are always going to wear your wedding ring. With other precious rings you might remove them at certain times (washing, bathing etc) but you wont be removing your wedding ring very often if at all and no ring is more important so its worth paying careful attention to how durable it will be over its long life on your hand.

There are also other choices for your rings including Platinum and Titanium and each have their own characteristics. Platinum for example is very durable and touch and Titanium is scratch resistant and very light.

Don’t forget there are no hard and fast rules to your ring choice and no rule that says yours and your partners rings have to be the same. You might like the traditional gold and they might like a white gold or Titanium – its your choice


Crowning Glory

On her wedding day a bride wants to look her very best, she wants the world to stop for a second and look and only right to. She buys the wedding dress, hires her makeup artist and hairdresser. She really want this day to be special and she want to look her very best. There are many styles of makeup looks that brides choose, some subtle some bold it really depend on what suits her and of course there is no right or wrong. Its the same with the hair, there is no right or wrong and there are some beautiful styles out there but one thing I have noticed in many of the weddings I have photographed is brides with beautiful long hair that they have taken years to grow and hours and hours to look after day after day and then on one of the most important days of their life when everyone is watching – what do they do

They tie all that lovely long hair up in a tight hair style hiding it away.

I am not saying short hair styles on your wedding day are a bad thing or are wrong of course not I am just saying don’t discount out of hand having your hair down. Don’t automatically think because its your wedding day you need to have your hair up. You don’t and sometimes it can actually look much better down. Plus there are many hairstyles available with your hair down as you can see from some of my previous brides below who I think you would agree all look stunning. As my Mother uses to say "Its your crowning Glory"





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